Behavioral Calculus™

Behavioral Calculus™, or BCalc™, is Tradagon’s proprietary quantitative trading model and methodology that reimagines how momentum is analyzed and exploited by modeling crowd behavior in price action for a significant edge in fully automated directional trading.


BCalc is a fully automated, algorithm-driven system that employs our all new proprietary spectral math with deep learning approaches to predict price action and other "behavioral" non-stationary time series data like unemployment, consumer spending, CPI and housing data.


BCalc is neither fundamental nor pure technical analysis, but rather a new kind of behavioral time series analysis that employs our bleeding edge spectral math to analyze and exploit momentum across all asset classes including currencies, precious metals, equities, bonds, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

How it works

Our worldview is that while fundamentals may govern price in the long-term, short-term price action is largely a manifestation of crowd behavior.


Behavioral Calculus™ looks at all the embedded crosscurrents in all time frames and detects when they are in a state of persistent confluence. This is what separates the signal from the noise in a behavioral time series such as price action.


Behavioral Calculus™ hones in on the feedback loops that trigger crowd behavior, tapping into the essence of short-term price action.


BCalc's elegant, layered approach provides a rich and extensible analytics methodology that can be adapted to support other trading & investing use cases as well. It is also highly effective with business and economic time series.


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