The Company

Tradagon is a financial technology company engaged in (1) research and development (2) proprietary trading and (3) providing actionable data.  


In short, we’ve built a proprietary, all-new trading methodology and technology called Behavioral Calculus™ or BCalc™. BCalc captures the essence of price action and delivers a whole new level of predictive power for the markets. It applies to multiple asset classes, including equities, fixed income, Forex, commodities, and digital currencies. The fundamental paradigm that underpins BCalc is that of crowd behaviorUsing one universal model of crowd behavior, we have reimagined how momentum is analyzed and exploited in price action to get a huge edge in directional trading. 

At our core, we're a research and development operation. We're interested in showcasing our research and findings at a high-level in order to partner with like-minded institutions and provide additive value to the world of finance and trading. 




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