Behavioral Calculus

 A whole new way to analyze momentum with one universal quantitative model that taps into crowd behavior.

BCalc Live Stream

Real-time BCalc model applied to 5m bars on various Forex/currencies/futures including BTCUSD.

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*Note: There is a ~5-10 second delay due to streaming latency (this is negligible for our 15 minute and 30 minute signals). Entry signals are designated by larger 'hollowpoint' dots, Hold signals are smaller solid dots, and Exit signal is when you stop seeing Hold signals. Yellow is up signal (up trend) and Blue is down signal (down trend). 

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BCalc™ Equities/Bonds ETF Strategies help automate major diversified portfolios.

  BCalc™ Equities/Bond ETF Strategies 

Low Drawdowns
Enables leverage while still controlling risk
Full Flexibility
Can be used in longs-only, shorts-only or long-and-short modes
Minimal Overhead
Low turnover strategies with average holding periods from months to years

Why Tradagon?

Bleeding Edge
Bridges the analytical gap between the physical science of momentum and the social science of crowd behavior to capture the essence of price action and deliver alpha consistently.
Uses deep learning with analytical feature engineering and processing (not black box) for a more robust and enduring foundation. More than 15 layered spectral features and convolutions.
Universal Model
All are fully automated trading strategies across all asset classes -- equities, bonds, currencies and commodities -- based on one universal, behavioral model of price action.
BCalc also can be effectively applied to other behavioral time series data like unemployment, consumer spending, CPI and housing data, to get the same level of predictive power.

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